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What is fatigue doing to you?

A lot of parents experience the feelings of being tired and exhausted, but some parents experience another feeling often worse than those others; fatigue. Fatigue is not the same as being tired. Fatigue is beyond tired because it cannot be solved by just getting some extra sleep. It can be distinguished by three factors: it is not relieved with rest, it is often perceived as a negative experience, and fatigue is related to depression and remains a topic of exhaustion and energy rather than mood. Fatigue doesn't just harm the parents' cognitive functioning but also their ability to cope. Feelings of fatigue could force a parent to perceive their child's behavior as more difficult or challenging. As a parent, if you feel as if you are experiencing fatigue it is important to take the proper steps to finding a solution. It might be that you need to get help and find a support system or group that works for you, or take a break, or even do something that is just something for you. On another note, it's vital to you and your child's well-being to constantly do a mental and physical health check often to make sure that you are functioning at your highest capacity. 

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