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Alabama’s Special Camp for Children and Adults hosts year-round camps for children and adults with differing abilities. They offer a barrier-free environment on over 230 acres on the shores of Lake Martin. Their activities focus on therapeutic recreation and exploration.

Birmingham Botanical Garden

The gardens have a Sensory Nature Trail that allows visitors to look, see, and feel different things throughout the space. The area itself is a quiet and peaceful place to sit or walk and just take in nature.

Child's Play Therapy Center

The center is located in Hoover, AL and they offer comprehensive therapy services in a fun and lively place. They serve to provide your child with the best care possible in a non-clinical environment. They offer speech therapy and physical therapy as well as occupational therapy. They also have a sensory motor gym and parent observation areas within their facility.

Helping Hands Therapy: Tuscaloosa Pediatric Clinic

This new clinic serves to “identify and address gaps in developmental processes.” Their therapists serve patients from infant - 21 years of age with any number of different conditions, some of those include: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder/ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, and many others that contribute to a child’s growth and development.

Let's Play

Let’s Play has locations in Hoover, Birmingham, and Huntsville and on the second Tuesday of each month, they host Sensory Friendly Night from 5-7 pm. On these nights, they will limit the lights and noise inside and they are closed to the general public.

National Sea Life Centre Birmingham

“Quiet at the Aquarium” events offer a quieter and more comfortable visitor experience for anyone with sensory requirements. They open their doors an hour early, turn the music off and the television volume down, and offer a limited amount of tickets to ensure that the experience is as sensory-friendly as possible.

Birmingham AMC Theatre

The theater provides sensory-friendly movies with tickets and times that can be found on their website.

Birmingham Zoo

The zoo has sensory "packs" that include noise-cancelling headphones and fidget tools along with weighted lap pads that are to be used during long periods of sitting. There are quiet zones throughout the Zoo that are void of a lot of activity and have places to sit and regroup. The Zoo also has indoor areas that are labeled as “Headphone Zones” to alert people with sensory issues that these areas may be noisier than others and they may want to wear their headphones.

Children's Hands On Museum

The CHOM in Tuscaloosa offers an adapted and sensory friendly experience for children of all ages. Their calendar features themed days and activities, one in particular, focuses on the learning and exploration of our common senses.

Homewood Public Library

The Library hosts Sensory Storytimes for children with sensory issues to listen to stories and get involved in the books. They also have virtual storytimes that give children a chance to stay engaged while still being at home.

McWane Science Center

Located in downtown Birmingham, the center offers sensory-friendly stations with instruments and earphones as well as small textiles that help with calming.

The Music Room Music Education

The Music Room offers Music Therapy to neuro-diverse students on beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. They teach piano, guitar, percussion, ukulele, and voice. Their focus is to promote the emotional, intellectual, and therapeutic value of music in the lives of both children and adults.

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