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The Joys of Motherhood.

Elizabeth Scott, MS is a wellness coach, author, and award-winning blogger. She has a Master in Science degree in counseling with a specialization in family therapy. She wrote the article, "Relishing the Joys of Motherhood" for the site verywellfamily to discuss the reality that while parenting can be very stressful, it can also be full of joy and it is important that you enjoy the good parts more often. Scott says in her article, "While the position brings with it some of the best perks you can imagine - the fun, the growth, and the love - it can also include a fair amount of work, frustration, and strain." There are a lot of responsibilities that come with motherhood and juggling them can be quite challenging, but the good news is that the joyful parts can help you deal with those more stressful times. Children are experts at having fun. Try seeing the world through their eyes for a day and you will get an entirely new perspective of the mundane things that make you forget about the joy in the world around you. "The key to having fun in the midst of everyday experiences is to slow down. By setting aside distractions and taking time to focus on your kids, you will be able to truly enjoy your time with them." Another important step in finding the joy is to enjoy the gifts of every stage. Through all the messes, tantrums, busy schedules, meltdowns, and challenges that come with every age, it is important that you stop and think about the things you will miss about the age they are at. You might miss the snuggles, giggles, hugs, laughter, and all the things that they do as they grow and learn; focus on those moments and let that joy calm you down. On that same strand, sometimes it's ok to stop and reflect on all the moments that are fleeting. Think ahead to the future; soon you will be looking back on these days with nostalgia. If you loved your childhood, you now have the opportunity to re-create those wonderful experiences for your own children. If that's not the case, however, now is the time to create new traditions and make new memories that your children and you will cherish forever. Lastly, don't forget your inner child. To end her article, Scott says, "you can learn to enjoy life all over again while your kids are learning for the first time." Everyone knows that life has its ups and downs, but what is great about life is that there is still beauty in the "downs." There is joy in everything, you just have to find it.

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