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Technology's bright side.

BridgingApps is a program of EasterSeals Greater Houston, whose mission is to share information and resources for parents, caregivers, professionals, veterans, therapists, doctors, educators and people with disabilities on how different apps and devices can help everyone, no matter their ability, reach their goals of physical, cognitive and social development. Their website offers how-to videos, app search, digital services, courses, services, community connection and a blog. The blog recently featured an article titled, "An Array of Autism Apps" which provides an overview of some of the applications and devices that are beneficial to those with autism in a plethora of areas depending on their challenges and needs. Thankfully our world today has provided us with an innumerable amount of possibilities when it comes to technology and what can be done with it. There are so many possibilities when it comes to assistive technology and apps that with just one tablet or mobile device, you could improve your child's speech and language, color recognition, math skills, fine motor skills, tactile skills and more. Through the blog post on BridgingApps site, you can find this hyperlink: which is a list for assistive apps for individuals with autism. On the list, you can find communication tools, life-building apps/games, sorting games, speech tools, sorting and categorizing games, etc. There are also a number of apps listed for adults with autism as well. On the page, you can find voice notes transcription, coloring books, grocery ordering, meditation, schedule builders, uber, visual stories, etc. Resources like this are extremely helpful in that they place information and tools in one place for easy discovery, sorting and personal research. This post is short due to the limited amount of content provided in the original source, however, the lists are extremely helpful and the main idea is to provide you with a resource to do your own digging and playing around with the apps included in these lists. It is important that you do your own digging to find what is going to work best for you or your child. The interventions you use don't always have to be scheduled appointments that are pricey and time-consuming. You can do work at home or on-the-go and we have technology and all of its advances to thank for that. Technology can be used for good and it can be helpful in creating happier and healthier individuals.

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