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Taking care of yourself, so you can take care of your children

The Washington Post wrote an article on self-care in which they compare the work of a parent to the command of an army general. A general in charge of their troops will not succeed in the war if his/her troops are not experiencing structure or a high morale, among other things. Parents are the "generals" of their households. They keep their troops in line, guard and protect them, and run their homes like well-oiled machines. If a parent, with all that responsibility, is not well-energized and prepared, then their troops will not fare well in terms of the "war" (life). Most mothers, specifically, view taking time for themselves to relax and recharge as selfish, but that is very opposite from the truth. Self-care is not selfish; taking just a few hours off from your job as a parent will re-energize and restore your body and your mind. There are five simple way to get reenergize, and those are: saying no and setting limits, going to counseling, picking up a new hobby, setting goals, asking for alone time in the house, and taking time away with your partner. In order to ensure that you are fully getting the most out of the time you are using for self-care, it has to become a priority, just like everything else in your life. It can be very discouraging and mentally and physically exhausting to be "turned on" constantly for the push and pull of your everyday life as a parent. If you can't take time for yourself because of guilt or denial, at least make the time a priority for the sake of your kids; it's in everyone's best interest.

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