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Spicing up your activity time.

Jenny, a mother of four, wrote an article for Special Home Educator titled "Makeover Your Kids' Weekend with these Creative, Educational Activities" to highlight some fun and inspiring ways to entertain your kids over the weekend. She says, "Weekends are the prime time for play but they can also be the perfect time to introduce your kids to something new with some fun, educational activities. She lists a few things that will help you and your kids break out of the regular routine. The first activity you can do is to explore your backyard. There are all sorts of things within the nature of your own backyard that you can dig up and discover to help your children learn all sorts of things about science. You can even use paints to inspire some creativity and paint on the rocks you find. Playing outside can also increase your child's ability to focus and improve their social skills; there are many benefits to getting out into nature, even if it is just your backyard. Next, you can inspire some creativity within your children by creating a space in the home for them to practice their drawing, painting, and sculpting skills. Using tools like puffy paint or shaving cream are great for combining both science and art, activating both creativity and learning in your child's mind. Try not to stress about the mess and just allow them to explore, this will allow them to develop essential processes in their brain that are absolutely essential to their learning. Lastly, you can take the activities into the kitchen and try things like cooking and baking with your children. This is a great way for children to learn about chemical processes and the scientific method, as well as master their own basic life skills all at the same time. Jenny ends her article by saying, "having fun with your kids and helping them learn new things over the weekend is a great way to bond as a family." If you can, take some time during the weekend to inspire creativity and exploration with your child to not only help them learn, but to also grow your relationship, as well.

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