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Perfection is Overrated.

Kate, a used-to-be preschool teacher who currently just does her best to be a mom to her four kids, created the blog Picklebums as a way to freelance and write whatever she felt needed to be said. The blog is a magic bowl of mysterious goodness where anything you are searching for or may not even know you need can possibly be found. Her article "How Being Not Quite Perfect Makes you A Good Parent," emphasizes the idea that even with your best intentions to be perfect as a parent, perfection is not, and should not, be the ultimate goal; doing your best for your children is all that is really necessary. As she says in the article, "in a perfect world," children would have firm limits and boundaries, all meals would be nutritious and wholesome, everyone would get a full night's rest, and your family's routine would run like a machine. Getting caught up in the stress of trying to make everything "perfect" can be exhausting and stressful. The reality is that even if things were perfect, you may still feel unfulfilled and it would not make you a happier person nor a better parent. Kate believes that, "Being not quite perfect is not only ok, it actually makes me a good parent." She argues that having an insane routine allows us to celebrate abundance and teach our children life lessons that measure up to so much more than having everything served on a silver platter will. If there is one takeaway from the important message in this article it's this: "That perfect world does not exist, and it's overrated anyway...Be not quite perfect and know you are doing a good job."

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