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Online Silent Auction

Hannah's Hope is excited to bring back a silent auction in order to help fund current programs and to expand programs and areas served.

If interested in any of the below items, please send an email to requesting a number. You can then go to our Facebook page, leave a comment with your number, the item you are bidding on, and your bid. Or, you can text your number, item and bid amount to the Hannah's Hope line at (205) 535-9956. An update of the highest bid will be posted every night until the close of the auction.

The auction will end on December 2nd at the close of the Hannah's Hope Christmas Open House. If you would like to insure that you are the highest bidder, you can email your highest bid to the above email. A Hannah's Hope administrator will increase your bid in $1 increments through the Open House until the end of the night or your maximum bid is reached, whichever comes first. If you win, you will be notified on December 3rd, and you will have 48 hours to pay for your item. If payment is not received, the next highest bidder will be offered the item.

Gourd Folk Art -- Starting Bid $5

Mini Photo Shoot by Southern Lifestyle Photography -- Starting Bid $20

Handmade Baby Blanket (Pink) -- Starting Bid $10

First Day Of.. Dry Erase Board (comes with eraser and dry erase marker) -- Starting Bid $5

6x6 Oil Painting by Sheila Hull -- Starting Bid $10

16 inch Strand Cultured Pearls -- Starting Bid $25

Additional items will be added over the course of the weekend, so come back and check often!

Shipping of any items will be in addition to the winning bid amount.

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