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On the Road Again

While I understand that traveling right now is not happening as it usually would during the summer months, I still thought it would be a relevant topic to write about. Traveling can be hard for anyone. Whether your family is traveling by a plane, a train or taking a road trip for hours in the car, having a set of helpful tips to help you get where you're going is important. Vacation is such a vital aspect when it comes to family time and making memories, AutismSpeaks features an article that details a few helpful tips on how to make the most out of a vacation and some helpful tips to plan for a family vacation. The first thing to note is that practice makes perfect, meaning that parents can use teaching stories to help a child understand and prepare for the new experiences ahead of them. The rest of the list includes contacting guest services in advance, providing choices, preparing for sensory concerns, have a safety plan in regard to wandering, prepping the environment, incorporating a "watch system" into your family group, reinforcing good behavior, keeping your routine and creating a schedule. It might also be beneficial if you are traveling by plane or train to contact those services or visit their websites to find out how they accommodate people with varying abilities. If traveling by car, the time in the car will be difficult in more ways than one, but it is important to have a plan for travel and support your child throughout the ride with things like movies, music, snacks, and possibly silencing headphones to allow the child to rest and relax without meaning that the whole car has to be quiet. I remain hopeful that we will all be able to travel more in the near future, but for now, if you do get the privilege of going somewhere, hopefully these tips will help! 

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