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On Cloud Nine. posted an article by Jenny Wise, creator of a Special Home Educator, titled, "3 Tips for Creating a Bedroom for Children on the Autism Spectrum" to outline the ways in which a parent can aid their child in achieving a great night's rest. The article explains that statistically, four in five children on the spectrum struggle when it comes to sleeping. Issues might include sensory needs and/or functionality that promotes both safety and independence. As a parent, all you want is the best for your child, but the guidelines and extensive measures that are suggested to make the best possible space for your child can be extremely overwhelming. Wise lists in her article, that one of the first things you can do when creating a spacious sanctuary for your child is to "consider the mattress." It's a well-known fact that sleep is vital for the overall health of any person. It can be challenging to find the right mattress for their desired sleep, especially when taking all of their sensitivities into account. Another way to make your child's bedroom as tranquil as possible for them is to choose calming colors when designing their room, especially if your child often displays some sensory sensitivity. Colors like navy, soft blue, lavender, sage green, or grey are preferred when it comes to promoting tranquility. The last thing you can do is consider the type of lighting that your child's bedroom needs; you want there to be plenty of light for activities during the day, but softer light for nighttime. Blackout shades and red night lights that help produce melatonin and produce relaxation are two very helpful tools you can use to make the light situation better in your child's room. Wonderful sleep every single day can be hard to achieve, but getting enough good sleep is vital to everyone's, especially for a child on the spectrum, and these tips might help achieve the highest level of sleep necessary for them.

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