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(Not So) Spooky Season

With Halloween coming quickly approaching, it can be difficult to focus on the fun of the season in the midst of all the stress. With the way things are right now, that stress is only heightened and parents are forced to make time to focus on how to create their own fun and magic. Because of the current pandemic, trick-or-treating in most large cities has been cancelled or is highly restrictive and it may be in your best interest to avoid going at all if it is going to cause unwanted stress on your family. Motherly wrote an article that focuses on some ways to bring the fun back into the Halloween season this year. They performed their research by asking 30 kids ranging from the ages of 3-8 about their favorite aspects of this season. What they found is that children enjoy the entire season, not just the one day intended for trick-or-treating or large events. They also encourage parents to really lean into the costume ideas and embrace the time to explore and dress up. The article includes fun activities that embrace the magic of the season, as well. Obviously, right now may not be the best time to attend certain parades or large gatherings, but as parents, there are still many ways that you can incorporate fun activities and treats into your time spent with your kids. Overall, the season of Halloween is not intended to be overwhelming or stressful in any way; it's supposed to be fun! There are so many ways to embrace the joy of this spooky season without letting it totally consume your life and every day tasks. Happy Halloween!

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