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Not all advice is good advice.

Amanda Morgan, mother of four and creator of Not Just Cute aims to help bridge the gap between education and development in children. Living by the mantra, "Because childhood's not just cute. It's powerful, it's priceless, and it's often over much too soon," she creates posts that focus on all things parenting and motherhood as well as routines and discipline for children. On her blog she posted an article, "Here's Your Permission to Ignore Good Parenting Advice" to encourage parents to block out the constant tips, tricks, and critiques they constantly receive and focus on just being the best parent for their child, regardless of everyone else's opinions. Parenting advice often comes in overwhelming amounts and remains constant as your children grow, often making you feel as if you want to explode. But one important lesson to remember is that, "you are the expert." Morgan, from her own personal experience knows what it's like to feel like you're drowning from the uncertainties of being a parent and feeling the need to turn to every parenting book that you can find that seems applicable to your situation. Unfortunately, the advice in those books can often be sporadic and far too different to make any actual conclusions. The advice given to Morgan by her husband was what made her realize that she didn't need the guidance of a billion experts; she was the mother and she was the only expert on her son. This doesn't mean that seeking help and guidance is overrated and wrong, however, as a parent you have the right to be informed and weight the ideals of others. But, you will ultimately make the decision that is right for your child and not what is right for the "experts."

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