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Money, Money, MONEY

It's no secret that children are expensive and because of the possibly specialized care that a child with differing abilities will need, for a parent, those costs become even greater. Planning for these expenses will not only give you some peace of mind, but it will increase the likelihood that you will be prepared when an expense presents itself. HavenLife posted an article on their blog that was written by a financial planner who has first-hand experience with financial needs of this sort. In the article, Financial Planning for children with special needs, the author touches on some very important things that you can do as a parent to help you plan out the best way to utilize the finances you have available to care for your child. In a larger sense, the author describes in depth just how important it is that you strategize for cost that are needed now, like medical insurance. It also describes some important costs to consider for the future, like emergencies. One other thing that the article mentions is that it's beneficial to set up a financial backup plan. You would need to plan for things like disability and life insurance that your child may need if you do pass away. All in all, this article does a good job of answering some very important questions that a lot of parents have when trying to figure out how they are going to afford and properly care for their child of differing abilities. The "amount" of money is never going to change, expensive is expensive, but having a plan for those needs may alleviate some stress, at least.

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