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It's OK to fail.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent. In fact, messing up is acceptable, normal, and even beneficial. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn and do better next time. Psychology Today wrote an article that focuses on the art of "bouncing back" after a parenting fail in which you are allowed to gracefully, regain your strength and be a better parent than before. One thing they focus on in the article is how social media has changed the world of parenting, simply look up the phrase "parenting fails" and there will be numerous videos or pictures of parents messing up and finding humor in their failures. There are countless blogs and websites, just like this one that talk about the struggles that parents face and offer a platform for parents to bond over the struggles they face every day. On the opposite side of that, people feel that they have the right to shame parents for their mistakes, in turn, making most parents feel overwhelmed by the fear of failure. In which case, parents often refuse to allow their kids to fail, hide their mistakes, and lose sight of their values. The good news, as described in the article, is that parents can come back from these mistakes and feelings of failure. In order to do so, you must first acknowledge your mistakes, then turn your failure into a teachable moment. Try your best to maintain your sense of humor, ask for help or support when you need it, and create a plan to do better next time. Being a parent is like being a role model, you have to be imperfect in order to teach valuable life lessons.

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