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Communication is KEY

As a parent, knowing how to properly and effectively communicate with your child can make a huge difference in your relationship, your child's behavior, as well as their self-esteem. The way you deliver certain messages to your child can entirely change the way they react or behave in any situation. The Child Development Institute wrote an article about the importance of communication and some effective ways of delivering a message to your child. In this article, they outline some basic principles of good parent/child communication. Some of those include: avoid embarrassing the child or putting them on the spot in public, listening carefully and politely, asking "what happened?" instead of "why," don't use words that will put the child down, and reinforcing the child for keeping the communication open. The article also focuses on a few words of encouragement and describes the necessity for them because "children need to feel loved and appreciated." Some of these words include: "very good, good job, and wonderful. The article also stresses that you can show your child how you feel as well as tell them. This can be done by smiling, nodding, hugging, or a high five. Communicating with your child is key and doing it in a way that is effective and meaningful is essential to their future and yours.

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