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"Bad" Behavior

Behavior is a topic that I feel is so beneficial to focus on because every parent can relate to it and commonly struggles with it within their family. Children with varying abilities, in particular, struggle with behavior for a number of reasons that sometimes relate to their special needs. For parents, this can make discipline and structure within the household even more difficult and seemingly impossible to establish. AutismSpeaks provides a "Challenging Behaviors Tool Kit" on their website with strategies and resources to help parents understand these behaviors and adapt to them. There is a video featured on the "tool kit" that has ten parts that help to explain and detail more information on just what those difficult behaviors look like and some of the most effective ways to handle them. AutismSpeaks offers an article as a branch off of their "tool kit" page that discusses one difficult behavior specifically; throwing when angry. In offering tips on how to handle this behavior, along with others, the article includes that a parent should find the "why" that is leading to this behavior, shape new response behaviors, reinforcement and rewards, visual supports, and practice. Following these steps can be important in attempting to change your child's behavior and improving their response methods within the household or out in public. 

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