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When to know that you've had "enough"

Burnout: a term used for something that everyone experiences but no one ever talks about. PsychologyToday wrote about parental burnout as experienced in a discussion during a parent class and what was proven through conducted research on the subject. The article describes that the idea of parental burnout is seen as more of a taboo item or in some cases, a syndrome. Parents are seen as machines who are supposed to be able to "do it all." However, that is not the case and the reality is that most parents are overworked and frequently running on fumes. The bottom line is that if you have nothing to give, you cannot give. That is, if your children need you and you are burned out from being needed constantly, you cannot give them what they need and it might be time to do a self-check and recharge. Burnout is even more common and likely in parents who have children who are neurodiverse. As a parent, it is vital to take the time to participate in self-care, which doesn't necessarily mean scheduling a massage and facial or getting a pedicure, but actually taking time to refill. In the busy world we live in, it is so important to take the time to slow down and recharge your batteries and fuel your energy bank so that your children have a parent who is present and open to them.

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