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Take a minute.

Zina Harrington, mother and founder of Lasso the Moon, created a website to bring parents together to build strong and joyful relationships with their kids, find ways to connect with their family, encourage independent and healthy life skills, among many other idealistic mindsets that improve the family unit overall. In her article, "I just need 1-minute of silence, so I don't lose my mind," she uses her own personal experience and reflection to highlight the value in taking time for yourself as a parent. The noise and distractions that fill most homes can be so overwhelming at times, in her own way, she uses an anecdote to shine a light on the feelings of shame and anger that often muddle the feelings of joy that are the desired responses to parenthood. While we all know the significance of self-care and "me" time, it can be extremely difficult to find time to achieve those goals. The most significant tool Harrington outlines in her article is her recent usage of noise-cancelling headphones.She describes her putting her headphones on as the equivalent to a "do not disturb" sign. These moments of simple silence can be all that you need as a parent to feel calm and at peace with the chaos around you. Harrington says at the end of her article that "self-care doesn't always mean bath salts and chocolate." Whatever you need to do to make yourself feel at ease is the only self-care that is necessary and beneficial in the long run.

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