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Prioritize YOU

Being a parent is no easy task. It's time consuming, exhausting, and overwhelming, among many other things. In order to do all of the things that are expected of you as a parent, however, you must take care of yourself. Self-care is not something that can or should be looked over. It can be a fight sometimes to make time for yourself, but if you don't, burnout will linger around every corner. Motherly writes about this struggle, and one mom explains what she has realized in her journey to self-care. She explains that in order to care for others, you have to care for yourself. Asking for help is not only noble, but necessary; knowing when to ask is a valuable trait you may need to acquire. Next, you have to define what self-care means to you as it can look different for everyone. Lastly, re-think your day. Are you making use of your time and using it wisely? Take a look at your schedule and re-work it if you need to incorporate the time you need for yourself. Most mothers, in particular are people-pleasers, but you have to look out for yourself in order to fill others' cups.

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